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The Devil's Lettuce Crankbait

The Devil's Lettuce Crankbait

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Puff Puff, Bass. The Devil's Lettuce diving crankbait epitomizes our philosophy – Catch Fish or get High Trying.


Solifornia is stoked to work with Deadeye Angling to develop the first custom, hand-crafted Solifornia Lure collection. It’s not about what you catch, it’s about how you fish! Embrace your time with nature’s beautiful insanity. Go Green with the Devils Lettuce. If you smoke weed, light a joint prior to casting.


Cast out far, and retrieve with medium grace. You will definitely feel a consistent vibration so that you know the Devil's Lettuce is swimming properly and doing its job. After each cast, make sure there is no muck on the lure to make the most of each cast.

Length: 3.5”
Weight: 1/2 oz

How It's Made

Our lures are first base coated with solvent based white. Then, they are sanded and hydro-dipped in each perspective pattern. The lures get hand touched-up and have their bellies painted white. They get a pearl coat and a high grade automotive strength clearcoat for the final coating. Lastly, they're finished off with stainless steel split rings and VMC hardware.

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  • Designed in NYC ~ Hand-made in WISCONSIN.

    Say hello to your little friend - sexy, yet lethal.
    We are proud to introduce this very special collaboration in an effort to elevate the bait world through creativity, innovation and performance.

    Created with the best ingredients known to man, every individual lure is hydro-dipped and assembled by hand. All pieces of this lure were carefully sourced by Deadeye Angling.

    Does this lure catch fish?

    Although this lure may look “too dope to work” - don’t get it twisted. This bait is not a gimmick. We infuse colorations that replicate patterns of specific bait that game fish crave. This lure may look like an art-piece to human eyes but a fish sees an appetizing-frantic baitfish swimming for its life.

    We hope you catch many fish with this lure, but more importantly, embrace your glorious time in the great outdoors and enjoy them together.
    ~ The Solifornia Fam