Introducing the element of Creativity to the world of Fishing.

Solifornia is based on the belief that Fishing is a pure and simplistic art form, connecting us directly to Nature's Beautiful Insanity.

Our mission? Spark a movement establishing a True Fisherman Culture - ultimately bringing humanity closer to nature. By integrating Fishing with art, music, and street culture, we are inspiring the youth to visualize Fishing through a new lens.

The Solifornia movement transforms Fishing into a mysterious, psychedelic, and incredible universe.

We believe that today's Fishing culture is just like skateboarding was in the 70's- ready to evolve into a die-hard lifestyle & global community that is led by the youth. Our generation can change Fishing forever.

We are devoted to bringing you innovative, quality products created with passion and love, inspired by Nature's Art.

Hit the great outdoors and immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Fishing; and while doing so, respect and conserve the incredible wonders of Nature.

Fish like a Savage, Chill like a Fish